Eating Chocolate for Better Health

Posted: December 30, 2020

Want to know my little “secret” for not snacking at night? I either eat or drink a specific and special, decadent chocolate. Did you ever think you could be eating chocolate for better health? Well, you can.

I actually drink this rich, velvety CHOCOLATE every night and it almost instantly takes away my cravings for sweets.

Plus it’s SUPER healthy, so there’s no guilt at all. I also use it in the morning in my yogurt, or in a smoothie. I even bake with it!

This is not just any ol chocolate. This is a very specific Cacao that is found only in one place on earth, and the benefits are mind blowing.


When I tell people that eating chocolate for better health is part of my DIET Plan? They want to know more, and that’s when I tell them the secret.

This cacoa contains some of the most powerful superfoods known to man. It also has shown to increase your “feel good” hormones, and can lower blood pressure, control your appetite, feed good gut bacteria, and lots more!

I used to say no to chocolate until I found out all of he benefits of dark chocolate. Then I found out that most of the ones in the stores have sugar, fillers and are not what they say they are.
This dark cocoa is not like any other chocolate you’ve ever tried.

There is a reason when you click on any blue link that the words “Cacao Bliss” were chosen.

It can even ward off cravings for other sweets that make you gain weight!

>>>Check out my new secret guilt-free chocolate drink here (velvety smooth & delicious)

Enjoy it in coffee. Bake with it. Blend it into a smoothie and you’ll smile!

I’m actually Drinking it right now..yummm!

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Coach Dawn

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