Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Posted: August 22, 2018

We all die from inflammation. Whether it be from inflammation of the brain, or heart, obesity or skin…inflammation can affect every organ in our bodies. Eating to reduce inflammation can be a great way to stay healthy, keep the weight off, and feel, move and look great.

Even if you have a disease or disorder now, eating to reduce inflammation should become a part of your life. With simple daily steps, you can use easy recipes that have superfoods and give you energy.

There is good inflammation and bad. The good is when you are sore from a workout, or when your body heals a burn. That is when the body is working well. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on the body and lead to disease. This is when you must add foods that reduce and calm the fire inside.

Superfoods will not only give you energy, but they will keep you active during exercise and help heal and strengthen the body. If are too tired to exercise maybe you are lacking nutrients. If you have excess weight to get rid of…even the best exercise program won’t be enough if your systems are not in sync.

I created a plan for the person over 40, that lacks energy and hates trendy diets. I have coached mainly women, but many men to eat for energy while warding off disease.

Ageless energy comes from the absorption of nutrients…a good nights sleep, and a strong body that can take you through another day…or another decade!

To reduce inflammation, add in key ingredients that have healing properties as in Turmeric, Garlic, Fatty fish and greens. With a diet loaded with living enzymes and foods such as kefir, and yogurt you’ll keep your digestion on track.


so that you can ward off inflammation and accelerated aging, and feel, look and move better than ever!

Coach Dawn


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