Effective Strength Training Exercises

Posted: May 25, 2017

Exercise is something a lot of people do wrong. What I mean is this. Most exercises are a waste of time and I prefer to coach women into using firming effective strength training exercises to get the fastest results.

I have been in the fitness space for over 25 years. I am a gym owner and I belong to a gym. People often ask why do I belong to a gym when I own one. The answer is simple. I love to see what people do when they are exercising, and I love even more to see what trainers are coaching people to do.

It’s amazing to see a personal trainer standing next to a person on a treadmill. What?! Can’t they do that on their own as a warm up? Or, better yet, how about guiding them through a warm up that increases blood flow, flexibility, and mobility? That is how I believe you prepare a body for exercise. In our gym, and with my on line products, I target the entire body in a effective, but short methodology of exercise.

Using effective strength training exercises has these benefits.

*Helps to raise the metabolism by creating lean muscle tissue.

* Targets all of the largest muscles while engaging the stabilizing muscles.

*Creates lean, toned, and firm muscles.

*Creates strength and balance through the entire body,

*Create an internal “fire” by raising the metabolism to assist with fat loss, body sculpting and weight loss.

When you use a series of effective strength training exercises, you create a leaner, stronger body as you age with a faster resting metabolic rate.

Forget cardio only workouts. Forget extreme diets and calorie counting. Create the leanest and strongest body you have ever imagined at any age.

Sharing ways for us to achieve strength and wellness as we age.

Coach Dawn

For a follow along plan of effective strength training exercises in a follow along video format, CLICK HERE!

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