EMF Exposure Reducing Pendant

Posted: December 8, 2020

With top tech companies like Tesla, Facebook and others launching over 100,000 5G satellites into space… we need to find ways to block EMF exposure. This is the perfect timing for the holidays to get the EMF Exposure Reducing Pendant for loved ones, and yourself!

And every inch of the earth soon-to-be blanketed in negative EMF radiation… We simply cannot ignore the potential dangers of EMF toxicity and stress. 

The Harmony Pendant is the perfect “stocking stuffer” that I purchased for my sister and mom, and that healthy celebs and top doctors are recommending for the holidays. 

This is THE perfect gift for anyone you want to be healthy… as it provides 24/7 EMF stress support. It’s even backed by a human research study: 

If you purchase it now, you can save an additional 20% on this solution researchers found lowers EMF stress by 7X.



This is the same solution that top wellness doctors and anti-aging experts are recommending to their patients and clients. 

Just look at what Dr. Nathan Bryan, PhD, Molecular Medicine, Scientific Researcher, Nitric Oxide Expert says: 

“I want something that’s quantifiable, that’s objective that I can feel good about explaining a mechanism of action…because as a scientist we can challenge patients and actually show them that EMF is decreasing your total body voltage and affecting their frequencies. And then you can actually fix that acutely with the pendant.” 

Dr. Bryant and many others are concerned with rising levels of EMF radiation (up to a trillion times more than a decade ago) — and the stress that comes with it. 

Plus, we’ve all had one of the most stressful years in human history… and the holiday months always bring additional stress. Especially for those that will not be able to share the holiday season with loved ones. 

Scientists have found that EMF stress can contribute to: 

  • Mitochondrial damage (resulting in low energy) 
  • Free radical damage (which speeds up aging)
  • Decreased white blood cell count (reducing immunity)
  • Disrupted hormones like melatonin (which hurts sleep)
  • And many more still being investigated

Bottom line: STRESS (which EMFs greatly contribute to) is connected to virtually every major health issue. 

And so getting your stress levels down is ESSENTIAL. 

That’s what the Harmoni Pendant does, lowering EMF stress by up to 700% in just 15 minutes. 

Note: there are a limited number of gold pendants (the same one Elle Macpherson is wearing above)—and with the current sale, they will go fast. 

This EMF Exposure Reducing pendant has been proven to reduce radiation by 700%, boost energy reserves by 520% and more [SAVE UP TO 60% here]. 

Give your family the gift of health AND something beautiful that last’s for life!

Coach Dawn

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