Need more Energy?

Posted: August 24, 2016

Do you need more energy? Are you too tired to workout or cook healthy? Energy is the first answer that I get when I ask women what they wish they had. More than weight loss. More than being younger. More than having more money.

If you need more energy a lot of factors come into play. As yourself. Are you getting enough sleep? 7 hours? Are you eating nutrient dense foods or following a fad diet that leaves you tired and hungry? Stop sabotaging your goals and get on board with what has helped thousands of women. Yes that is right, I have coached thousands of women to lives of energy, youth, and weight loss. Without working out for hours or harmful trendy calorie cutting. You want to eat carbs? Ok. You want to eat chocolate? Ok. Yes that is right…my plan lets you live a real life and get more out of it in the mean time!

IF we had more energy, we would HAVE THE ENERGY to workout, we would HAVE THE ENERGY to cook healthy meals, and…WE WOULD BE ENERGIZED AND HAPPY! If we are energized AND eating right, then we can do all of the things that we did when we were younger because we would feel younger.

Energy just doesn’t happen. It needs to be a process that we follow. One that shows us how to eat, how to workout, and when to eat for energy so that we can speed up our metabolic rate and get on the right path to losing weight.
If you are thinking that you could do more, be more, feel better and get on track if you had more energy…


Your friend and coach,

Dawn Sylvester

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