Essential Facts about Cancer

Posted: July 9, 2019

Cancer is a killer. Cancer ruins lives. But for Ty and Charlene Bollinger…Essential Facts about Cancer give us hope!

Think it’s only found in your family genes. You’re wrong.

If you think you can’t do anything about whether you get Cancer or not…you’re wrong.

However, if you think you can take precautions to prevent Cancer and even slow it’s progress when diagnosed? You are right!

“Where there’s breath, there’s hope.” That’s the mantra of Ty and Charlene.

My dad has had prostate cancer for over 11 years. He is a fighter. He is open to new ideas and holistic methods of healing…and he is 84 as of last Sunday!

He takes supplements, eats a lot of veggies and exercises regularly. He loves life and is adventurous. He loves culture, travel and new experiences.

This is all while battling Cancer and NOT giving in.

Keep your spark lit and change the way you perceive Cancer with the article HERE!

The key is to keep your mind open and rid your thoughts of the old school ways of thinking about Cancer. YOU HAVE A CHANCE to live a long life. A chance to heal. A chance to walk through the future just as you dreamt of.

Imagine waking up every day knowing Essential facts about Cancer and making sure that you do what it takes to prevent it…and heal it. The Bollinger’s started a crusade years ago that I am happy to be part of. In The Truth About Cancer, they shared stories of sadness, healing, and power.

All of the things that go with that horrible diagnosis. Now the diagnosis can be a new beginning of how you live, not how you die!

I am sorry if you have been diagnosed. It makes sense to feel bad and that you have been robbed from your dreams, but only for a minute. But that is not where your life ends. It is where it changes.

Changes so that you are awakened with knowledge that you can make educated choices on what to do to treat your body, and kill off Cancer cells.

I urge you to read the Essential Facts about Cancer here.

Then save them, share them, print them and live them! Don’t wait for a diagnosis. Today is the day that you can make simple daily changes in your lifestyle so that you are not another statistic.

And, when you share this knowledge with friends and family, you’ll be a lifesaver.

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love!
Coach Dawn

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