Posted: March 4, 2012

I know, I know, I constantly preach that you need to strength train, and get fit by exercising, but EXERCISE IS NOT ENOUGH!

Flat abs, toned muscles, and lean bodies are created in the kitchen! Yep, from the grocery list, to your mouth…..all the weight lifting, and cardio in the world, will not change your physique like your diet will.

Some trainers say it’s 75% diet, 25% workouts, or some close equation to that, however, we in the fitness industry know…..exercise is not enough!

Not sure where to start?…Well, you have come to the right place!
In previous posts, I have given lists, recipes, and advice on how, when, and what to eat. So lets go over a few basic tips, and as for the details, scroll down for those, in previous articles.

1. Eat clean. Meaning, non processed, as close to nature, plant based foods, as possible. Organic, and/or  lean, preferably grass fed, beef, and poultry….wild caught fish. Non-fat organic dairy. Organic vegetables, and fruits.

2. Eat often. Plan meals ahead. Eat small portions of protein, carbs and healthy fats with most meals. Cut out starchy carbs at night. Eat  5-6 meals daily. This will prevent mindless choices later, or ever being too hungry to wait for a meal.

3. Pack lunches, and snacks. Small coolers, portable raw food bars, protein shakes, canned tuna, yogurt, string cheese, and whole grain crackers are easy to take anywhere. 

4. Use salsa, lemon, hot sauces, herbs, garlic and balsamic vinegars to make foods tasty. Forget butters, creams, and dressings.

5. Water, water, water…….add lemon, green teas, and grapefruits to water, and drink at least 6 glasses daily. 

6. Fiber is your friend. The more fiber in your diet, the more you will feel full, and “regular”. Get your fiber from vegetables first, then supplements.

7. Stay away from sugar. Sugar is in everything from 11 grams in a cup of non-fat yogurt to 30 grams in some cereals……say no to sweets. When you curb your addiction to sugars, you will stop craving it. Protein will keep your blood sugar stable, sugar will spike, and drop it. The key to energy without dips and surges, is lean proteins regularly, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and staying away from added sugars.

8. Healthy fats actually are good for your fat burning capacity. The body needs healthy fats for all of the systems to work correctly. Avocados, walnuts, fish oil, olive oil, and flax seed oils are great choices.

9. Cook one day….pack for the others. Plan meals. Freeze, pack, and portion out meals for the next few days. This will prevent you from “going in on” food with the crowd at work. 

10. Avoid alcohol. This is a pure metabolism wrecker! Not only is it empty calories, and horrible for your health, it will put a halt to your fat burning capacity. Alcohol will also slow down any healing your hard worked muscles will need to repair themselves. We all know that alcohol at night, makes for bad choices later. (midnight snacks, and next day binges!). So stay away, and in control.

As I said earlier, exercise is NOT enough. 
Clean out your kitchen. Make healthy, energizing food choices, and 
while this is happening, you can plan your attack in the gym!

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