Exercises to reduce pain

Posted: June 2, 2022

Many of us suffer daily from chronic headaches, back pain, and hip and foot pain. Unfortunately, drugs, massages, and chiropractors just seem to work for a short period of time. However, none of those get to the root. Rick Olderman has been a PT specializing in getting to the root of the cause with exercises to reduce pain.

I had nerve pain in my SI joint for over 12 years and spent thousands on exams, injections, PRP, and massages. They worked either temporarily or didn’t work at all.

When you suffer from pain, it holds you back from living the life that you want. As a gym owner, I always thought that I sought out the right care after I hurt my back. Spending hours stretching, icing, heating and with OTC medications…it always came back to haunt me.

Not until years later, and after a few trips to the ER, did I find out that it was not my that I injured my back. It was a weakness in my left side that contributed to my imbalances.

If you have back pain that travels to your knee or foot, it’s not where the pain originates.

Maybe you used to be athletic but have not been able to do what you love. Most likely, this is due to imbalances that cause pain in your back, knee, or foot. Actually, most chronic headaches are from imbalances that can be fixed with the videos below!

Click here to watch a video from a specialist with 25 years in the field of healing chronic pain, and see how you can use his exercises to reduce pain at home.

Pain causes everything from lost days at work, to missing out on life.

It’s time for you to get to the root of your pain issues.

Get ready to find what the injury, the imbalance, or the root of the pain is, and get rid of it once and for all…check out this short video and see how to get back to a pain-free life.

Insurance co-pays, chiropractors, trips to the ER, and all of the things I tried in the past were temporary fixes. Thankfully, I have a method now to use at home to keep me moving in my active life that demands a lot!

You deserve to be able to move freely too, decade after decade.

For years I have coached women and men from the ages of 17-87! They’ve learned how to get stronger, and have better posture. But, the one thing I was missing is something that has now, changed my own life.

Today I am excited to share with you, that exercises to reduce pain, by getting to the root of the imbalance are the key.


Sharing ways for us to live long and strong, pain free!


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