Fastest Weight Loss for Women

Posted: October 13, 2016

Women over 40 have one discussion that seems to never end. Losing weight. Whether they are talking about a diet they are on now, or one that they tried, the weight loss story never seems to end.

Why do these women (or you) continue to have an ongoing battle with belly, hip, thigh and back fat? It isn’t because they aren’t following the right “diet”, it’s because they aren’t making their nutrition a LIFESTYLE.

Here are a few facts about weight loss and why a quick fix diet will make you gain weight.

  1. Cutting too many calories, slows down your metabolic system.
  2. Losing weight, means losing muscle. Muscle is the only metabolically active tissue, responsible for a faster metabolism.
  3. Most diets are so difficult to follow and have you starving…so you are more apt to binge and gain MORE weight.

If you only focus on taking food away, you fail.

When you focus on these 2 things below….you not only lose bodyfat and experience the fastest weight loss, YOU KEEP IT OFF FOR LIFE!

  1. Exercise in a manner that puts on lean muscle tissue gradually. This will raise your metabolic rate even if you don’t change your diet. However, if you DO change your nutrient plan…you will see the fastest weight loss results.
  2. Eat a variety of foods known as “SUPERFOODS”. These foods have many benefits. 
    Some of the benefits are a raised metabolic rate, less inflammation, better gut health and digestion, warding off aging…just to name a few.

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Coach Dawn

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