Fat Torching Workouts

Posted: August 26, 2016

Workouts are not all created equal. Some are meant to build muscle, some are meant to raise heart rate. However the best sessions are the fat torching workouts. They build lean muscle tissue, raise metabolic rate AND keep the calories burning for hours! What makes them better than others? The fact that they raise metabolic rate so high, that you are burning calories long after you are done with them. Fat torching workouts don’t take long, what they do take is a little bit of dedication.

Unlike other programs or workouts, the best fat torching sessions are quick, efficient and not only torch fat, they keep your metabolic rate elevated for hours after the workout is done.

If you are over 35 and have tried diets, long sessions of cardio, and cutting calories, you have most likely forced your body to actually store fat! I know that it seems impossible based on what you have read in the past. It is in the most recent studies in the cutting edge exercise journals that the discovery has been made. Short bursts of exercise that doesn’t last longer than 20 minutes is key in burning fat and torching calories. This is how you will not only lose weight without following a strict meal plan, but how you will KEEP the weight off forever.

Not only will you discover the fastest way to drop a dress size, you will be getting access to a plan of eating that will give you so many options to keep you energized and vital, that you will never look at a fad or trendy diet again.

I have coached thousands of women into a lifestyle of lean, sexy and vibrant bodies. I used to be a cardio junkie that nearly “broke’ my metabolic rate when I was in my early 30’s. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition and cutting down my exercise while eating MORE food, I completely gave my body a re-boot. I created a plan that has not only worked for me, but for women all over the world that are raving about how great they feel!

Take a peek at what women are doing when you click on the link below and see how to get a handle on your hormones and start using my fat torching workouts so that you can look and feel amazing in less than 30 days!


Your friend in fitness,

Coach Dawn

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