How to Feel Better with Low Thyroid

Posted: March 30, 2020

Thyroid disease affects over 20 Million People. Women are 5 to 8 times MORE likely to develop it too. It took me years to be diagnosed. By that time, I discovered, how to feel better with low thyroid disease.

I am a gym owner and wellness expert that only coaches women. I have been in the field for 25 years. Creating The Thyroid Factor was my gift to help women feel great again!

As women, we experience hormonal issues from the time we are in our pre-teens. So, as we age…we are very keen on knowing when something new is wrong.

It’s sad that according to, that 60% of the people with thyroid disease don’t even know they have it!

What women needed was someone that understood that something was wrong. Next, they needed a plan that helped them navigate through a diagnosis. Even if you’ve not been diagnosed with thyroid disease…your hormones may need a boost!

Click here to read my story of how I became a sought after expert with women’s health and hormone issues!

When I started experiencing extreme fatigue, hair loss, and body temperature issues…I knew something was off. My mother had suffered for years in her 40’s. Why then, was my primary care doctor telling me that I was fine?

You know. That sentence that “your numbers look ok” but you know you feel horrible?

I was dieting, and doing a lot of cardio at the time. Unfortunately, the weight kept on piling on. I’d go from a burst of energy…to a nap that gave no relief. Even a great nights sleep some days left me feeling exhausted.

As someone that thought I knew how to eat healthily, it had to be something with my hormones. Right?

Hormones control everything from metabolic rate, to body temperature to brain capacity and more. When we get closer to 40…hormones seem to take over.

After trying to get help from several doctors…I started keeping a journal. Next, I dove into research about hormones and the thyroid. Finally, I found the keys on how to feel better with low thyroid.

Despite my medication, I had to take my life and habits to a different level. Shifting the way I thought about food and exercise had to change.

Little did I know that I was putting more stress on my body by doing the wrong types of exercise. The foods I was eating were in fact, NOT being absorbed properly.

Symptoms seemed to add up that I had heard of overnight.

Do you have bloating or constipation? What about brain fog and random fatigue even after a good night’s sleep? Have you experienced hair loss, nausea and runs to the bathroom?

Did you ever think that maybe you are not absorbing nutrients? Or, that the diets you are following and the exercises you’re doing are making you feel worse?

The Thyroid Factor was my gift to women in it’s beginning stages. The tips and tools I wrote down, started to make women feel great again!

Little did I know that I’d have women contacting me from around the country asking for tips and tools. Blogging was a passion. I even wrote a newsletter that you can access by entering your email above for my FREE REPORT.

The need became so great, I decided to hire a company to put all of my tips, tools and ideas into a BLUEPRINT TO FEEL BETTER WITH LOW THYROID THAT YOU CAN ACCESS HERE!

The Thyroid Factor is MY real story and I’ll bet it will resonate with you too! If you suffer from unexplained weight gain, hair loss, temperature issues, and can’t seem to get help from your doctor. My tools will shed some light on what you can do to feel better!

Whether it be questions to ask your health care practitioner…how to exercise…or how to eat. The Thyroid Factor will help you navigate through your hormones to feel great again!

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