Final Fat Meltdown – Weight Loss that Lasts

Posted: August 13, 2017

Yo-Yo dieting is still, unfortunately very common. Women over 40 are the largest dieting group on the planet looking for a “fat meltdown” plan for life. No wonder the weight loss industry spends billions of dollars annually trying to sell gimmicks, pills, potions and fads to us…we buy them!. If all you had to do was take a pill, do a cleanse, or join a group, there should be slim and energized people everywhere. FiNAL Fat Meltdown. Weight loss that lasts was created for you.

If you are a woman over 40, then hormones are starting to change the shape of your body, and how it responds to food. Food is not the enemy. Actually, too little food could be even worse.

From intermittent fasting, to extreme cardio, most women over 40 do more harm than good to their already fragile systems. They overtax them with stress, and send their adrenals into shock, and wonder why they have issues with weight.

Have you ever said, “I ┬ábarely eat, and I still gain weight?” This is the sound of all of the women’s voices that come into my gym. They are either too tired to exercise (from too little of food) or feel that they have tried everything.

Losing fat and losing weight are not the same. The scale is a mean tool that makes most women feel horribly about themselves and tricks them into methods of weight loss that ruin hormonal balance. Final Fat Meltdown will change how you look at food and dieting so that you can lose that weight and keep it off.

The equation is actually simple. But simple makes women think their is a trick. Simple makes women think that it won’t work.

Our bodies are amazing machines. If we feed them food that gives us energy, then not only do our hormones become balanced, but everything from our skin to our organs work more efficiently.

In Final Fat Meltdown, the food is real food. The plan is sustainable for even the pickiest eater, and it is simple. Inches will fall off as you re-boot hormones and shift your mindset.

There are also exercise videos that take 20 minutes that you can do at home, so that while your body is getting more energized, you will be shaping your soft trouble spots into sexy firm curves.

Make this that last time you lose weight. Raise your metabolism so that you never need to diet ever again.

Coach Dawn

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