Flatten Your Belly at Any Age

Posted: March 19, 2018

Belly fat seems to be an issue for everyone over 40. Especially if you are female, have dieted in your lifetime (who hasn’t) and have hormonal issues. I’m excited to tell you that it IS possible to flatten your belly at any age.

A firm and flat belly will never come from hundreds of situps, of hours of cardio. I should know. I tried that for years as I continued to gain weight and get flabbier! Menopause was getting closer and I was not ready to wear baggy clothes or untucked shirts!

Now, as a female fatloss expert, I have helped to coach women into a powerful way to flatten your belly at any age.

This plan not only doesn’t have you starving, it has your entire midsection engaged so that you can wear shirts tucked in, and fitted dresses and tops. It doesn’t have you cleansing, or fasting…and it doesn’t have you looking forward to that timeline when the “plan” is over.

If you have suffered through menopause, or are not even there yet. If you have eaten low fat, and cut out tons of calories only to find more rolls on your hips, tummy, and back…please stop everything you ARE doing, and do something that works.

Certain movement patterns and certain foods will keep your body in a thermogenic, or calorie burning state when you are done exercising…and done eating. Foods that support weight loss are lean proteins combined with other superfoods that nourish your body while keeping you youthful and lean.

Click on the link below, and watch the inches come off before you have to even think of Summer!




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