Posted: February 8, 2013


Along with a lifestyle of strength training and exercise comes tight muscles and knots. Besides massage, and stretching, there are a few other things that can get right in an “knead out” those tight spots. Today I will talk about, and share videos of foam rolling and tune up balls.

These are great tools to add to your arsenal of healing apparatus in your gym, or home. These tools can be used prior to working out to get blood flow to tissue, and incorporated into the warm up. They can also be used after to stretch out the contracted muscles. For me, the best time is when a spot is a little extra tight, and needs to be worked on many times throughout the day. I carry my Yoga tune up balls everywhere. We have foam rollers at home, and and in our gym. Since you can’t get a massage every day, you can make a small investment that will keep your body healing, and more flexible. These might hurt a lot at first, however  as the tissue is softened and lengthened becomes less painful.
Click on the links below, for instructional videos on how to use the tools. You can also purchase yoga tune up balls from the site. Foam rollers can be purchased on  and at many sporting goods stores.

5 Best Foam Rolling Exercises:  

Yoga Tune Up Balls:

Hope these sites have tools that help you as they have helped me.


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