Foods for Youthful Energy

Posted: November 8, 2017

Energy. Isn’t that something you wish you had more of? What about youth? That is another one of those things that seem to have vanished. What if you could eat Foods for Youthful Energy and restore and reboot your life? What if every one of those foods not only restored youthful energy but weight loss, glowing skin and hormonal balance.

When I was in my 30s, I ate lean cuisines, tuna sandwiches and drank diet soda. I ran on a treadmill for hours daily and did aerobics…sometimes 2 classes back to back. I was exhausted. Gained weight and had horrible skin, and felt miserable with hormonal imbalances, way before I should have.

My life and body were changed after I met someone that helped me to change my mind first. She was energized and fit. Savy and sexy. Strong and youthful. Just like I am now.

Once I changed my mind about how to eat, and how to exercise. Not only did I lose the weight, it was like I was aging backward! I worked out less, and ate more. I lost inches and got firmer. My hormones became more balanced and even though I had been diagnosed with a thyroid disorder…my life got better. My skin got better, and my youthful energy was restored.

Aging is something we are all doing. But how fast is it happening to you? Are you tired and crash dieting. Are you exercising for hours with spinning, running or Crossfit? Those exercises are SO intense, that they can actually accelerate the aging process. What about your hormones? Do you have a bloated belly and mood swings? Do you live on foods with labels that say “healthy”?

Since the days when I was a cardio maniac and then became too tired to exercise, I not only changed my life, but I opened a gym with my husband and started coaching women to change. Change their bodies, change their energy levels and change how they looked at food.

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