Posted: June 27, 2012

Yes, there really are foods that WILL keep you on track, and fight fat. These are foods that keep you full either by their protein content, their fiber, content, or both! Foods with a high protein content, are what you should have a lot of in your diet. These foods have been proven to keep your satiety levels high for hours. Coupled with high nutrient dense carbs in the form of vegetables and fruits, and you are on your way to fit! Add in a few other tasty, fat burning treats, and you have a full plate, a full tummy, AND a lean physique!

Greek Yogurt,  Plain, non-fat  (add your own berries) has more than double the protein of most yogurts.
Skim Milk
Beans    protein, fiber, and carbs all in one!
Green Tea  (decaf, regular, or supplements)  shown in studies to burn belly fat!
Steel Cut Oats
Sweet Potatoes
Cinnamon  (keeps blood sugar stable, so no urges to binge)
Hot Peppers,  curb appetite, raise metabolism
Pears/Apples/Watermelon/Berries/Grapes    great source of healing vitamins and fiber
If you have to snack  (who doesn’t) go for air popped pop corn, or nuts (in shells) full of healthy fats, protein, and fiber.
So keep our grocery list full of these items, and never go hungry, never get fat! Have energy to power through your workouts, and heal in time for the next one!
Keep posted for great tips in the future. Nutrition, strength training, and fitness!!
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