5 Foods that Fight Cravings

Posted: April 16, 2018

Cravings are a feeling that most of us experience at some point. From craving something sweet to wishing we had something salty and crunchy. Unfortunately, these foods are the ones that sabotage our weight. There are 5 foods that fight cravings and keep you full without making you gain weight and feel bloated.

  1. Protein-Protein is a weight loss friend. It keeps you full and promotes lean muscle tissue.
  2. Water – I know that you have heard that when you think you are hungry, it’s usually thirst. This is true. Grab a glass of water before you grab a snack.
  3. Fruit- fruit is loaded with water AND has that juicy taste that is sweet and delectable! From pineapple to papaya, blueberries and watermelon…these foods with benefits should be on your plate.
  4. Vegetables- Greens and reds, yellows and white. The colorful array of fiber and nutrients will keep your belly full and not fat. These foods will also keep the good bacteria in your gut which also keeps you from craving bad food without benefits.
  5. Healthy fats – Healthy fats will satiate your body and your brain. Grab a handful of almonds, eat a spoon of almond butter. Put some coconut oil in your coffee and slice up an avocado with your morning eggs. Fats are one of the best sources of nutrients for brain, belly and skin…and these ones won’t make you fat.
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Cravings can be caused by too low of calories when trying to diet. Make sure you are well fed with nutrient-dense foods, and the cravings will be something of the past. If willpower is your goal, be sure to follow a healthy plan of eating instead of a strict calorie cutting diet that makes you obsess about what you can’t have.

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Coach Dawn


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