Functional Strength for Women over 40

Posted: July 9, 2018

As we age, the demands that are placed on us get larger. That is exactly why Functional Strength for Women over 40 is imperative.

We battle hormonal issues, children leaving the home and husbands with lives of their own. We are the glue of the family, but we let our own health take the back burner.


 Take care of what will be your best investment in the future. Your physical and mental strength. To have this, you need functional strength as you age.

Losing weight is the goal of most women at some time in their lives. Unfortunately, most women will try to get rid of weight by methods that leave them frustrated, tired, and in a vicious circle of weight gain, they can’t seem to break.

By skipping meals and calorie restriction,  and doing cardio only as their means of exercise, they bring their metabolism to a screeching halt.

Some end up with a body that has hormonal disruptions, a fatigued adrenal system, more fat than they started with, fatigue and depression.

They have set their bodies unbeknownst to themselves to be a perfect fat storing machine. This is the story of almost every woman I have ever known in my life.



Dieting = Muscle loss

Skipping meals = Slower metabolism

Cardio only exercise = Weaker body, less lean muscle mass

Lifting weights plus eating protein = Muscle building

Adding muscle to your body = A faster metabolism

Benefits of Strength Training and Functional Strength.


  1. Prevent age-related muscle loss.

It is said that we lose about 5% of our muscle mass per decade after the age of 35. After age 50 that number increases to 10%, and more by age 70.

Sarcopenia is the name for age-related muscle loss. The only way that we can prevent this from happening is by engaging in a functional strength training program.

If we wait too long, it is harder to make progress. But don’t be afraid. Anyone, at any age, can get stronger. 

  1. Prevent Injury

As the body gets stronger and you engage in flexibility movement patterns as well, you will become more aware of your body. As you become more aware of functional movement and get stronger, you will now start to move more confidently as you age. You will not be afraid of falling, or getting hurt lifting objects.

We all have known someone that got injured or “threw their back out” while bending over, or picking up a gallon of milk. Functional strength for women is the key.

  1. Strengthen Core and Back

As you learn the proper form of lifting objects, you will know what it feels like to engage your abdominals, and how to use your lower body. You will prevent back injuries and strengthen your abdominals.


  1. Create strong tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Osteopenia, Osteoporosis? Forget about worrying about these common issues with aging women. When you participate in a program that strengthens your muscles, it involves the entire body and all of its systems.

Ready to start getting leaner, more confident and preventing injuries?


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