Gain Energy Lose Flab

Posted: October 15, 2018

If we had one wish as women over 40, it would most likely be to gain energy, lose flab AND feel confident! It’s hard to feel confident when you feel like you’re aging fast right?

With hormones on the loose, loose skin and no drive, it’s hard to stay motivated when you feel your best years are behind you.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after trying to run myself to death on treadmills and then starve. I was so exhausted that I thought something was wrong with me since I was eating so little and putting on weight despite my efforts.
So many women make that same mistake. What happens next is that you’re too tired to even think of exercise and all you want to do is eat and sleep.

It’s hard being a woman over 40, and trying to understand all the trendy diets that work for men and younger women.

Once you shift the way you think about dieting and exercise…you will begin to see that possibilities that can become a reality!
A body that looks younger with a flatter belly. And, a way to gain energy, lose flab and feel better than ever!

Look. It is about being happy and looking forward to the next years, not dreading what you’ll look or feel like. When you decide that it won’t happen overnight and it’s about habits, it’ll change your relationship with food.

Your body can change. Your thoughts can change and you can reach your goals if you find someone that has been in your shoes before.

It isn’t your fault that you may have been misled as to what can work for you.
Forget trends that come and go. Look at something simple that creates habit changes that lead to lifetime changes that last!


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