Are you getting weaker, or stronger?

Posted: July 12, 2016

Are you getting weaker as you age, or planning on getting stronger? Weakness is not inevitable. Just like getting stronger is not impossible as you get on in years. Everywhere I look, there are more “ride on shopping carts,” more people on canes, and more lines at Binson’s medical supplies.? Where are the people over 40 with a strength training plan? (I’ll tell you, they are in our gym…Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center in Troy Michigan.

The state of our health is deteriorating rapidly. It costs us billions of dollars annually in insurance and health care costs and the need for good health care is increasing. Unfortunately, people still say that “tomorrow or Monday” is when they will start an exercise program or a diet that they can’t stick to and makes them feel worse.

My parents are 80 and 81 years active, young and adventurous. They travel, they exercise, they do things that make them stronger, and they eat a mindful diet that takes care of their insides. They look and feel amazing.

The most important day to take care of your health is TODAY.

If you are reading this and are past the age of 30, then you are in a state of decline. Yep. 30 ┬áis pretty much the point where unless you are doing something that uses your muscles…then you are getting weaker as you age.

Sorry, running burns through precious muscle tissue, and walking is relaxing, and you might burn a few calories, but unfortunately it will not make you any stronger. The key to aging is in strength training.

I don’t mean going to the gym 6 days a week for hours and lifting heavy weights, I mean using your body in a manner that engages your core, your legs, your chest and your back. With movement patterns that create balance, a slim and sexy tight body, and flexibility.

If you are planning on living a long and strong life, then you need to get stronger, eat for energy and fuel, and stop following faddish diets that leave you starving and more apt to binge the next day.

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Your friend and coach,



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