Posted: July 25, 2012

Glutes Glorious Glutes! Are yours up to par? Or, are they flat and saggy? Anyone can change the shape of their rear. You may be given a set of genes to begin with, but you can really create a much better view from the back! Yes, it takes work….No, not tons of cardio. If you are flat and saggy, the last thing you want to do is “run your ass off”. So, follow these few tips, and be on your way to a firmer, rounder, lifted set of buns!

First thing you need to know, is that you need to REALLY work the muscles from all angles. Just like the legs, there are more than one way to train your buns. It will involve everything from stepping up, to squatting down, and everything in between. Add some, or all of these exercises to you workouts, and if done 2-3 times weekly, you will begin to see a difference within 4-6 weeks. Keep at it, and never buy jeans that sag again!

These exercises will involve the legs, as well as the glutes. Certain foot position will allow for more muscle fiber recruitment in the glutes, so gradually add these exercises, and gradually add weight to each set. You should be able to complete this full workout without weight, 2 times in a row, 2-3 times weekly before you add 10lb dumbbells in each hand.

Start by warming up with a 5-10 minute brisk walk

20 Step ups onto a 12- 18 ” Bench, alternating legs
10 Step ups onto a 12- 18 ” Bench, with left leg, keep right leg on bench
10 Step ups onto a 12- 18″ Bench , with right leg, keep left leg on bench
10 Squat Jumps, land with butt low, and knees soft
10 Walking Lunges
10 Plie Squats with legs wide, toes pointed out, squeeze glutes

Repeat this workout twice. Do 2-3 times weekly, for 3 weeks.

In order to start seeing results, YOU MUST CHANGE TO HEAVIER, AND HARDER!! Your body will adapt. You are now ready to add weights, and work harder. You can also make the workout harder, and better, by using a higher bench. This is where you will target the deep muscles. Do each exercise above, slowly, and deliberately. The idea is to work the muscles. NOT to rush through it. Concentrate on squeezing your glutes through their full range of motion. Focus, breathe.

Week 4. Using 10 LB Dumbbells, do full workout above 2X. 3 times weekly, for 3 Weeks.

 (DO NOT USE DUMBBELLS DURING SQUAT JUMPS, Body weight will be enough)

10 Stiff Legged Deadlifts as last exercise, with Dumbbells

Keep at this workout, 2-3 times weekly. Your Glutes, and legs will be sore, however, if you concentrate hard on squeezing your glutes the entire time, you can target your buns harder, and it will pay off in the end! (pun intended).

Stretch after for 10 minutes.
Recover with a good carb/protein drink (give me e-mail address on the side of this page for recovery drink recipe, and future tips)

Have fun, get and stay strong! It is the key to aging well, and not letting your muscles waste away!


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