Healthiest Holiday Gift Guide

Posted: December 5, 2019

I love to give the gift of health to those I love. Today, I will post my all-time favorite and healthiest holiday gift guide. This will benefit those you love, and show you care!


After years in the fitness and nutrition space as a gym owner. I know what people wish they had.

Here are my favorite gifts that will put you at the top of the list for “best gift giver ever!”

Giving gifts that people remember and can actually use is the key.

A gift of health is different. It is meaningful…and it is useful.

I have spent years growing my list of special gifts. Now you too can be the person that people get excited to open their gifts from.

Actually, why wait for only the holidays? Give these special gifts for birthdays, showers and hostess gifts too!


  1. Give a cookbook or magazine subscription to one of the following. These magazines are great sources of how to eat for energy. They have recipes and beautiful pictures to keep eating healthy fun!

Eating Well Magazine.

Clean Eating Magazine.

2. Fill a goodie/health bag with supreme supplements for optimal health.

PuraThrive’s Liposomal Vitamin C. This liquid vitamin C has more absorption than any other vitamin C I have ever heard of and tastes like a Creamsicle!

BioTrusts Multi-Collagen Powder. Loaded with building blocks to stellar skin, hair, muscle and bone growth. Free from hormones and fillers. Comes from grass-fed cows!

3. The Energy Blueprint.

One of my favorite resources of free videos with tools to optimize your sluggish energy levels for life.
These tools are put together by expert coaches and professionals in the field of nutrition, and wellness!

When you have more energy, you’ll also want a leaner and firmer body. Check out my 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret. Follow along workouts for a sculpted and leaner you that defies aging with 7 minute workouts done at home!

Sharing ways to live long and strong in bodies we love for life!
Coach Dawn

*I may get compensated for any sales from Biotrust.

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