Healthy Holiday Eating

Posted: November 28, 2016

With the end of the year and the cold weather moving in, it gets even harder to plan for healthy holiday eating. If you have been watching your weight and trying to NOT gain any, or if you just know that this is the time for weight gain, do not despair! There are many tips you can adopt that will have you looking and feeling your best before you put on another pound.

Are you aware that most recipes contain ingredients that are down right unhealthy. Not only will they force your body to store fat, they will make you crave more unhealthy foods shortly after eating them. Don’t be fooled by low fat and low sugar options. Those are just ways of saying “more chemicals” that make your hormones work against you, and sabotage ANY plans of good health for the whole family.

I have a friend that is a registered nurse AND a top chef. She has a mantra “Eat More, Lose More” but it isn’t just eating’s actually eating BETTER.

With a husband that is at the top of the fitness industry, this friend absolutely had to find a way to cook foods that not only support energy levels and busy lives…but foods that kept the fat off, the taste on, and their bodies looking sexy, lean and fit.

After all, would you listen to anyone in the medical or fitness field if they were overweight or unhealthy? I hope not! Discover the 7 Biggest Mainstream Lies of Cooking when you click here!

Take a peek at my friend Flavia’s Cookbook and discover healthy holiday eating that helps you burn fat instead of storing it, AND makes you look like a top chef!

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Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness ONE MEAL AT A TIME!

Coach Dawn

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