Hormones, Aging and Weight Gain

Posted: December 10, 2017

Is it hormones, or your diet? Is it Menopause or just age? Hormones, Aging and Weight Gain definitely go hand in hand. However, there are things that you can do to prevent gaining more weight, and most likely some things that you are doing that are putting more of it on.

I used to do everything wrong. Besides making the same mistakes that all of my friends were doing, I wasn’t even the age that hormones should have been in the picture yet. I guess that will all of my incessant exercise, and my efforts to lose weight, little did I know I was creating a storm inside of me.

A hormonal storm that altered my hormones, taxed my adrenals, and literally sabotaged me from ever losing a pound.

Hormones, Aging and Weight Gain do NOT just change overnight.

Sleep or lack of it can alter your hormones. Eating the wrong things at the wrong time can cause you to gain weight. Cutting calories and too much exercise can actually make you lose muscle…the only tissue responsible for a faster metabolic rate.

I know. Super confusing to the layperson. That was me at the time when the scale was at the highest. I was skipping meals. Doing cardio for hours. Eating foods labeled “diet’ and “weight loss”, I counted calories, points and numbers and was miserable.

Luckily for me, I met someone that helped me to change my mind first about how I looked at weight loss and exercise. Boy was I wrong.

If you are struggling with weight, are blaming it on hormones, and are getting closer to Menopause…then it’s time YOU change your mind and the way you look at weight loss.

Click the blue link, and see how to Reboot your HOT ZONE HORMONES so that you never count another calorie or exercise for hours again.

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