How can Women Build Lean Muscle Tissue?

Posted: April 3, 2019

Most women try dieting to change their shape. All that does is make you a smaller, flabbier version of the you from before. Muscle raises metabolisms, so your question should not be how can I lose weight. It should be how can women build lean muscle tissue.

Ever see a guy eat just a salad and then do cardio and have a rock hard body? Nope. Me neither. Ever see a women in the gym lifting weights looking strong and confident? Not often enough if you ask me!

I trained for 16 weeks and got on the stage at 50 years old and had two goals in mind when training. Building muscle, and getting lean. I lifted heavier than I ever did. I took in 3 X the amount of protein that I ever did.

I also got leaner, dropped 12 pounds and was down to 12% body fat. My biggest helper was my protein shakes from BioTrust.

I drank a shake to keep me full so that I didn’t binge. I drank a shake after every workout to keep my muscles firm, strong and to raise my metabolic rate. And, I cut back on carbs, ate zero sugar and relied on my Vanilla Protein Powder to keep my metabolic rate running on high!

Here’s me at 50! Now let me make something clear. I have a low thyroid disorder that keeps most women overweight, and lethargic. I used to struggle daily with energy, and weight gain.

When I set my mind to a goal and planned out my success…the rest fell into place. I ate 4 meals daily that were protein based. I drank 2 smoothies daily that had about 30 grams of grass fed, non GMO, chemical free protein powder.

And cut out sugar completely. Veggies and protein. A little healthy fats and a heavy lifting day 2 x weekly, with stretching and massage in between.

I went from a flabby petite girl, to a firm, rock hard, sexy and energized mom!

Stop cutting calories and doing hours of cardio. How can women build lean muscle tissue like mine?
Lift heavy 3 x weekly. Ditch cardio for now. Eat a high protein diet that comes from a superior source HERE…and be in the sexy lean group of women who build muscle and love life!

Change your shape, not just your weight. When you focus on building lean muscle tissue, you’ll be able to eat more…lift more, and look amazing at any age. Click here to read about HOW to build lean muscle tissue with follow along workout videos!
Sharing ways for us to live long and strong in bodies we love at EVERY age!
Coach Dawn

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