How Loss of Sleep Keeps you Fat

Posted: December 29, 2020

Do you toss and turn at night due to stress and the inability to turn off your brain? Needless to say, we are in what could be the most stressful times in our lives. Do you know also, that besides brain fog and irritability, I’ll give you reasons on how loss of sleep keeps you fat!

I know that I am stressed. I’ve put on a few extra pounds, am not sleeping as soundly as I normally do – and my eating habits are out of whack.

Are you sleeping as deeply as you did a year ago? Does the news, and fear keep your mind racing and your body “on edge?” Did you know that when you don’t get enough sleep, every hormone in your body is affected and you are more likely to store fat?

Comfort foods of the season seem to not be so comforting right? Maybe you’ve even taken up a bit more drinking and a bit more nights of Netflix to pass the time.

It’s obvious that those around me are stressed and gaining weight as well. Sleep is the one thing that restores our bodies, heals, and boosts immune function. 

Without deep sleep, we don’t have the ability to produce hormones that keep us slim, active, or healthy. 

In fact, lack of sleep produces the hunger hormones and blocks the “I feel full” hormones.

You could be suffering from the loss of REM sleep and it could be causing everything from memory loss, extreme daily fatigue, irritability, and even weight gain. 


Deep Sleep IS that important. If you are not getting the type of sleep that leaves you rested, calm, energized and ready to take on tomorrow?

Please click the link above.  And, may your dreams be sweet.

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