How to Ease into a Plant-Based Diet

Posted: September 18, 2020

Most people simply don’t have enough fiber in their diet. If you struggle with inflammation or weight gain…I’m going to help you with how to ease into a plant-based diet.

Notice that I didn’t say “plant only?”

Maybe you are trying to eat more veggies.

Or, you may be like someone that I know that recently said: “If I get cancer, I’ll probably stop eating meat”.

What? I asked them if they just realized what they just said. And, how off people are when it comes to when they think is the time to begin a health journey. 

Personally, I feel that this is exactly what is wrong with most people’s relationship with food.

It’s also why we are in such an obese and sick, “riddled with diseases” lifestyle. We are always looking for the latest diet trend to lose weight, and have a poor relationship with food.

I have never followed a diet with a name. What I have tried to coach people to do, is to eat less processed foods, more foods straight from nature, and mainly more vegetables and fruits. 

My husband is actually down 8 pounds in 10 days from eating a strict plant-based diet. The funny thing to me is that he seems to be always eating!

Whether it be a plant-based smoothie with fruits, almond milk, and spinach, or…another bowl of either the vegetable soup or the lentil soup that I made. 

He is super energized. Sleeping great. And…says it’s way easier than when he was measuring his food, counting calories, and trying to fast. 

Of course, there are lots of carbs from beans, potatoes, rice, and fruits…but obviously he is not storing them. When you’re a guy that works out 4 X weekly, or one that’s active…you won’t get fatter. 

So, for you? Especially if you’re one of those guys that HAS to have his meat or you think you’ll be weak and puny. 

There’s a part in the movie that is mind-blowing about what animal-based diets do to your “performance”…and I promise you’ll be shocked! 


Here’s how to ease into a plant-based diet:

You don’t have to completely ditch all animal products. But, if you want to, then that’s great. 

Start with planning ahead, and shopping with a list. If you need recipes there are plenty cookbooks and websites to guide you through meals. 

Be sure to add to your list things that you can make in large batches like soups and stews, stir fry’s and sautés. 

Plan on 2-3 X weekly, making all meals from plants. No meat. No dairy. And for sure…nothing processed. Just sautée up some black beans, corn, brown rice and salsa with onions, garlic and jalapeños.

It’s super tasty to add in a tbsp of cumin, some sea salt and fresh ground pepper, and some cayenne pepper.

Add this all to a skillet with 2 tbsp. of avocado oil and you’ve got a filling and tasty dinner or lunch. YUMM! 

For breakfast:
1 slice Ezekiel (or any sprouted grain bread)1/2 sliced avocado1/2 cup sliced cherry tomatoes topped with arugula, salt and pepper.YUMM! 

At dinner last night my husband Craig ordered the curried vegetable stir fry that was the nightly special, and it was AMAZING! I had Spicy buns filled with tofu, sliced cabbage, cashews, and Thai chili sauce (my friend said it was no way tofu because it was so flavorful LOL) 

Think that all these carbs will make you fat? 

Be sure to take in more greens and healthy fats, and drink more water than ever to flush out all of the toxins that are clogging your body and keeping on the weight. 

If you are sedentary, eat less potatoes, less rice and fewer beans…and more greens. 

Hear that? MORE GREENS!!!  


Make today a day of supreme health, so that all of your tomorrows are spent with vitality and happiness! 

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