How to get the deepest sleep

Posted: July 24, 2021

SLEEP FACT: 50-70 million U.S. adults struggle with their sleep, and most likely you’re one of them. In fact, missing out on sleep affects hormones, weight, moods, and the ability to focus. You may have wondered how to get the deepest sleep but not been able to find the right answers.

SLEEP MYTH: Consistently getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to rewire your brain for deep sleep and amazing energy levels.

Here’s the simple truth you MUST understand if you do suffer from racing thoughts at bedtime, wakeful and restless nights, or any other sleep issues.

It’s the quality of your sleep that really matters, not just the quantity.

See, while you might be resting for 7-8 hours, that doesn’t mean you’re sleeping soundly. Especially if you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

And a nasty cycle begins each time you don’t get that deep, restorative shut-eye.

  • You wake up feeling sluggish, and you have to drag yourself through the day.
  • You’re forced to rely on caffeine and sugar to give you fake jolts of energy (which only last for a short while before you crash again).
  • You’re forgetful, your brain is foggy, and you just can’t focus. You can barely make a dent in your to-do list that’s a mile long.
  • You actually begin to age much more quickly – puffy eyes, saggy skin, and unwanted belly fat are much more noticeable.

Yep, the reality is that bad sleep = poor quality of life.

And I’m guessing you’ve tried just about everything to fix your sleep struggles, right?

You may have even tried melatonin, and had bad dreams or felt groggy the next day.

I’m genuinely excited to tell you about a product I’ve actually been using that’s had a MASSIVE impact on my sleep and energy.

In fact, 1 in 5 people are using some form of this now, and seeing stellar results. It really is THAT good!

It’s made from a ‘sacred plant’ that’s been around for 5,000 years and used in holistic health practices to help keep your body in perfect balance.

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AND this groundbreaking formula is enhanced with one of the healthiest superfoods on the planet that helps your body heal while you sleep!

THIS truly has the potential to fix your sleep issues and lackluster energy and boost your overall health.

Want energy that’s off the charts?

Do you want to move through the day with joy and razor sharp focus and without brain fog and mood swings?

I’ll also be you’d love a metabolism that works like a teenager’s?

How about a rock-solid immune system that can keep you feeling your best? 

All that becomes possible when you get QUALITY SLEEP.

My new go-to is an amazing tool for helping you get the rest – and the energy – you NEED…and the life you dream about.

Learn about this superior formula here. (And why it’s the only brand I trust.)

Wishing you many nights that replenish your energy and restore your days,

Coach Dawn

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