How to Have Energy that Lasts all Day!

Posted: October 7, 2013

How to Have Energy that Lasts all Day!

If you are thinking of napping mid afternoon then perhaps you are missing some key ingredients. If you are one of the ones that wonder why as the day goes on you seem to get tired easily, then read on.To keep energy levels balanced, you need the proper amount of nutrients, fluids, and sleep. The biggest factor that is overlooked in how to keep energy levels high is to plan your meals, hydration, and sleep the night before for the type of activity level you will have the following day.

I often tell clients that a good way to plan your meals is to eat for what you will be doing next. For instance, if you have a desk job, then you have no need to eat a lot of carbs with every meal. The same goes for if you are training for an endurance event, you need more carbs and possibly more healthy fats than someone who is sedentary. I always start a morning with a good source of carbohydrates. Oats, almond flour pancakes with fruit, something that kick starts my metabolism, energy levels and my brain from “fasting” all night. I eat carbs with each meal before and immediately after activity, or a good workout, then lower my carbs as the day goes on. Most Americans do the opposite. They say they have no time for breakfast (the most important meal of the day) and slam a coffee and maybe a doughnut, or bagel…or even worse, skip the meal all together. What that does is lower your blood sugar if you skip a meal, and spike it if you eat sweets. Neither is the best beginning of a day. I don’t care if you are a business man, or an athlete, EAT A SUBSTANTIAL BREAKFAST. This will set the pace for the rest of the day. A good other rule of thumb. We really do not need a lot of carbs in our last meal of the day, especially if you are eating late at night, or in front of the TV (like most people). All this will do is set you up for weight gain, or at the very least, stall your fat loss plans.

The idea is to keep the blood sugar stable by eating every few hours. Protein with all meals, a bit of carbs, and some healthy fats to keep the body and brain working. This way hormones stay in balance, and you will not store fat. When you skip meals, or only eat simple, sugary carbs, the body will turn into an awesome fat storing machine. All of the hormones responsible for fat storage step up to the plate. When you eat a balanced diet based on your activity levels NEXT, you will use up the fuel that you have ingested. You won’t store fat, you won’t want a nap, and you will have the energy to get through your day. One super important point. Stay away from sugar, and energy drinks. All this will do is make you get tired, then crave more sugar. That is how our bodies are geared. Fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, water, and good amounts of protein are good all day long. Complex carbs before and after activity. That is pretty much the recipe for nutrition.

 Hydration? Most of us walk around feeling tired and crabby, and think we are hungry when really what we need is a drink. Water that is. Dehydration shows up as lethargy first, then hunger, and possibly headaches. Dry skin, overactive mucus and allergies, dry throat..all signs that you are thirsty.  If you are not consuming enough water and are involved in activities that induce sweating you need more water. Dry climates, humidity, high heat, busy lifestyle?.. You need more water. Performance levels drop to as low as 20% less endurance and strength when as little as 2% hydration is lacking. Any activities lasting more than 1 hour need a balance of sodium, and electrolytes mixed into the water. Sports drinks are ok, but again…drink for your lifestyle and activity levels.

Now let us talk about the biggest factor in a body that recovers, recuperates, and repairs itself. It is a body that gets enough rest, and enough sleep. The only time that you are building muscle is when the body is completely resting, or asleep. Working out, or endurance type activities, even an active lifestyle contributes to the tearing down of precious muscle tissue. Only with proper, continuous protein consumption and rest will your body repair itself. Your next event, workout or activity is only as strong as your recovery phase.

 We are not created equal. Some of us are not eating enough, some of are are eating too much. Really think about what type of lifestyle do you need to eat for. Desk job, or athlete…a person that never sits still, or a couch potato. Which one are you?

 Eat, hydrate, use supplements to get the most out of you body.  Most of all rest for the lifestyle that you live now, and the one you want to live tomorrow.

In health and strength,


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