How to PREVENT “indoor weather” weight gain

Posted: October 10, 2015

Preventing “indoor weather” weight gain is not as tough as you think! Let’s break it down into easy to follow steps. First, let’s cover WHY we gain weight in the colder months.

1. It’s dark earlier, and lack of sunshine makes us “lazier,”
2. We experience cravings for “comfort food.”
3. We make excuses as to why to sleep in instead of work out, or say that it’s too cold out and skip going to the gym.
4. We think that when the good weather hits, we can “undo” what we did over the Winter! (the worst idea!)

Now, let’s come up with some easy solutions.

1.  Tell yourself the fact that cold actually forces your body to burn more calories since your core temperature HAS to work harder to keep your body warm. One great reason to get in at least a brisk walk..(maybe add in some bodyweight work too for a mega calorie burn!)

2. Eat comfy foods, but don’t add the sauces and gravies and breads. I fill my plate with baked squash, roasted veggies and use my crock pot for soups and stews that are filling and healthy!

3.  Keep a picture of you in the summer in your “sexiest” clothing. Sleep is super important for fat loss, but laying around doing nothing is a recipe for fat storage.

4. Prevention is much easier than “fixing a broken metabolic rate…LATER”

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