Posted: September 25, 2012

Hello Fellow Fitness Buffs!

It should come as no surprise to you, that if you are stronger, you will most likely live longer.  Survival of the fittest is not new. It does not matter if you are speaking of the Lions in Africa, or Man. As we age, if we do not do things that keep us stronger, we will simply not survive. We must realize that this starts with our diets, and ends with how we challenge our bodies on a regular basis. Most people go through life with some form of a daily life that involves a desk. We are now ridden with everything from obesity, to chronic pain due to desk jobs, and lack of strength. Not only are we weaker than ever due to the constant use of computers and lack of physical labor: but we are weaker because our diets are lacking in nutrients and components that our cells need to stay alive.

If you are one of the few that actually belongs and goes to a gym, are you working out for the right reasons? What I mean by that is, are you working out to be able to function well into old age, and be able to take care of yourself? Are you working out and lifting weights that mimic every day life, or are you just sitting on a machine going through the motions? Are you working out so that your heart is able to go from hours of relaxation to really pumping the blood through your veins? Are you working out to look good, and not carry extra bodyfat? Well, I have news for you. IF you are smart enough to work out so that you are accomplishing all of the above, kudos to you!! You will most likely live longer, fitter, and happier than most, and there is tons of data to prove it!

The American Academy of Physical Eduation revealed some very interesting facts in a paper written in 1993.  After studying  adults from the ages of 60-64, the study revealed that 19% of men, and 40% of the women were unable or found it very difficult to carry  25 pounds!! It also indicated that 25% of those men, and 24% of the women we unable to walk a quarter of a mile!!  What is even worse, those percentages drastically got worse after age 65! Now I don’t know about you, but I am at the age where 65 doesn’t seem very old! Those numbers show how bad of shape our society is in. It also doesn’t take any study at all to take a look around, and see that we are a nation of very sedentary, very weak people.

We have a choice. Choose this lifestyle that I have spoken of, or not. Choose methods that are enjoyable, and affordable to make your body stronger, so that you can live longer. Choose a diet high in nutrient dense foods so that you have the energy to get and stay strong. Become a label reader. Know what you are putting in your body! Make a plan to get into better physical shape no matter what shape you are in now. You will not get stronger as you age, that much is a fact. You will get weaker, UNLESS you put into motion a plan that challenges your body, and keeps it fit.

With the right types of exercise, you can live an independent, vital, long life. A life with many adventures, and little medical intervention. This also goes for your diet. Stop the diet rollercoaster, and feed your body what it needs to get and remain strong.

These choices are yours. Make them a priority.

Start your plan now, for every day matters!


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