Improving Sleep Quality

Posted: January 6, 2020

You are likely well aware that improving sleep quality is the key to everything. Everything from mood, immunity, metabolism, and energy to your risk for heart disease and dementia, right?

I just read an outstanding new report from Brian Vaszily called, The 40 Top Evidence-Based Ways to Improving Sleep Quality and Quantity, and I strongly encourage you to read this one as soon as possible yourself.

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Brian is a good friend (and a very kind, wise, and fun soul) who’s been a widely respected natural health advocate and researcher for over 20 years.

He’s giving you this important new 20-page report today in support of the forthcoming major online event I’ve been telling everyone NOT to miss. It’s the Younger, Longer Event: The Insider’s Health Summit.

By the way, on the page right after free sign-up, don’t miss Brian’s brief story of about a cruel joke from years ago. It actually inspired this unique event, and has great significance for your health today – powerful stuff!

True to form, the clear and concise 40 Top Evidence-Based Ways to Improve Sleep Quality and Quantity provides the most important steps to help you get the best sleep of your life… every night.

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You’ll discover:

  • The key steps to “set your routine” and why it’s so important (including an interesting tidbit about the clothes you wear!)
  • 7 essential ways to ensure you’re in a relaxing environment (including the combo of 4 essential oils that research shows works well.)
  • What to do – and what NOT to do – in the evening (including the tea that research shows truly can help sleep!)
  • DAYTIME habits that many don’t realize have a profound impact on sleep quantity and quality (including a “golden rule” if you take naps.)
  • PLUS, very useful insights on sleep disorders, stress and sleep, and much, MUCH more!

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Finally, as for the Younger, Longer: The Insider’s Health Summit, well…

If you agree that “Growing Older Does NOT Mean Growing Old,” you’re going to want to pay very close attention to this important online event.

Because in it, 22 world-renowned longevity and healthy aging doctors will be revealing no less than the most effective steps of ALL you must take to truly live long and live well!

Head here now and enjoy the outstanding new report and the important summit.

To Your Healthiest, Happiest New Year,

Coach Dawn

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