Kettlebell Gym in Troy Michigan Delivers Results

Posted: August 2, 2016

If you are looking for a workout that delivers results, then come to our Kettlebell Gym in Troy Michigan that gives results while giving you a new lease on ┬áthe future of your health. In our gym, we not only have top notch trainers that coach you into the strongest, most confident you…we give you a body that will carry you through life.

Gone are the days of excess cardio as the only means of training. Gone are the days of sitting on a machine in a boring gym while doing chest flyes. If you want to build functional strength and get stronger instead of weaker as you age, then Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center is the place for you.

Over 30? Over 50? No problem. Want to lose weight, get fit, have a blast and workout with a community of like minded men and women from all walks of life? Of course you do! Not sure what happens in a Kettlebell gym? Check out our site and see what other gyms will never give you, and how working out alone is what might keeping you back from the body of your dreams!

We offer training for mudruns, obstacle courses, running clinics, strength and conditioning, and are a GoRuck Partner. If you have been wanting to do your first event or are a seasoned athlete we cater to all needs, new and advanced.

Nutrition, women’s only training, and confidence building is part of what I offer and deliver. My husband Craig and our 4 other trainers can coach you into the best looking and feeling body that you have ever seen in the mirror and felt as you walk through life with the confidence that every body deserves.

Click on the link below and discover at Michigan Kettlebells in Troy Michigan how you can get results, feel alive, and ward of aging forever!

Your friend and coach sharing what makes us live long and strong,


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