Posted: March 10, 2013

Kettlebells are one of the single most perfect tools that you should add to your body changing plan. With a single kettlebell, you can get every muscle in the body fatigued, and your cardio workout in as well. Who wants to spend more time working out, when we now know that we can increase the intensity and get better benefits, in less time. Want to lose body fat? Kettlebells can help. Want to increase stamina? Kettlebells are great for endurance athletes. Want to get stronger? Then the kettlebell is the perfect tool for you.

Swinging a kettlebell with proper form, will help strengthen your back, your core, your legs, glutes and upper body. You can use a timer, or go for numbers and increase your heart rate and endurance in a very few weeks. Since the kettlebell can be used alone, or in sets, there are many ways to vary a workout. At Michigan Kettlebells Strength & Training Center, we use kettlebells in every workout. From the warm up, to the finisher, there are endless ways to have a killer workout. Below is a list of several exercises we use in our classes to keep people’s bodies strong, and continuously doing something new. No boring workouts here!

Single Kettlebell Swings
Double Kettlebell Swings
Single Arm Swings
Turkish Get Ups
Half Get Ups
Goblet Squats
Renegade Rows
Overhead Swings
Clean and Jerk
Clean and Press
Shoulder Presses
Lunges (holding kettlebell in center of chest)

Whether you are going for numbers, or time, there are endless ways to challenge your body. Once you learn the proper form of the swing, you are pretty much ready to go. As far as weight goes, a good starting point for women is 15-18 lbs., and 25-30 lbs. for men. Don’t try to use free weights as you would a kettlebell. Kettlebells have the weight in the center, which obviously is the opposite of free weights. Use good form, good sense, and the same rules as you would with any other strenuous workout. Take a day off between workouts, rest between sets, and stay hydrated. Most of all, have fun, and see how quickly your body will change when you add kettlebells into your training program.

Always check with your family health practitioner to see if you are cleared for strenuous exercise. Look on you tube for great how to videos, or sign up for a class that uses kettlebells as a strength training tool.

Happy Spring!!

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