Living a Long and Strong Life

Posted: April 25, 2020

From named trendy diets that omit food groups, to stress and medications. We need to shift our focus and think of what we are missing in order to start living a long and strong life. 

When you look at those that live to be 100, they all have many things in common.

These factors are universal when you take note of the people, the places and the lifestyles they share. I usually speak of what we need to ADD to our lives. Today, I want to focus on what so many of us are missing.

 * Movement- Our bodies were meant to be in motion.  Whether you sit at a desk all day or binge-watch favorite shows each night…we spend too much time sedentary. Find a way to exercise that builds functional strength. 

Get outside and enjoy nature. Fresh air, real sunshine, and nature is calming, reviving and necessary for life! Walk every morning or every evening at a brisk pace to get the blood flowing. 

That little wristwatch that shows steps? We need more than walking but if you don’t get close to 10,000 steps daily, let that be your first goal! Everyone loses muscle after 30 unless you are actively building it with strength training. Either buy a product online, join a gym that has classes or hire a personal trainer. 

This could be the most beneficial thing you do for your body. Living a long and strong life depends on your mental AND your physical strength.

If you’re a woman reading this chances are you’re thinking you’re too tired to “do it all”. I know that the times are harder than ever and we are stressed!

Using these daily tips will give you MORE energy and empower you more than you can imagine!

You NEED muscular strength as you age to be able to squat, lift, bend, push, pull and prevent falling.  But there’s more…

* Adventure and Happiness – Seek out new experiences to enrich your brain, soul, and happiness! 

Those that live to be 100, share the joy of finding new experiences. Start a new hobby that refreshes your brain as in gardening, cooking, or something you’ve never done! 

Don’t be afraid to do something for the first time. A little fear is fun and you may just surprise yourself at what has been out there for years! 

*Plants and Fiber – A diet that is rich in plant-based nutrients is a key to a longer and disease-free life! I’m not talking about ONLY eating plants or a named diet. I have been in the nutrition business for years and everyone that wants to lose weight is deficient in fiber. 

Fiber is necessary to shuttle out impurities out of our bowels. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for every cell in our bodies.

Eat plants with EVERY meal. Fruits and veggies are life-giving! 

*Drink more Water– Dehydration is a huge issue with brain health, energy levels. Every cell in your body needs it. 

Drink purified water, mineral water and track how much you drink. You need approximately 8 glasses of 8 oz. of water daily. 

Drinking water upon waking is a great way to start the day and you can add a squeeze of lemon for even more benefits. Want a better memory? Drink water.

Wish you had more energy? Drink water.

Constipated? You’re missing water! Your health, your brainpower, and your happiness all depends on these factors.  

Those that live to be 100 don’t just have good genes.

They surround themselves with people that feel good, love life, and do things to prevent disease. 
 Be one of the people that people think “have it all” and live life with gratitude that you have options and ways to enrich your life!

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