Lose Menopause Belly Fat

Posted: November 20, 2016

Why after 35, does the weight just seems to pile on around our bellys? Is it hormones? Is it genetics? Nope, its actually from a few things that most women, just don’t think or know about. If you want to lose menopause belly fat, then stop starving, stop doing cardio,and keep reading.

After 35, our hormones start to shift and we move into a direction of a more sedentary life, with usually no time for ourselves. From raising kids, to jobs and spouses, we are overwhelmed with how to manage the household and stress seems to be a normal part of our days.

Fat woman trying to fit a small jeans

Belly fat is stored for a few reasons. 

  1. We have become a fat storing machine instead of a fat burning machines.
  2. We have less muscle than when we were young and active, so our metabolic rates have shut down.
  3. We produce more cortisol when we are overwhelmed, which is the hormone that is related to belly fat storage.
  4. Our diets do not contain the necessary “fuel” to keep our internal furnace burning calories, so we store them as fat.

With all of the named diets and faddish tricks, most of us are confused and just simply eat less, or eat “diet foods’ and that is the surest way to burn out with zero energy and an even slower metabolic rate. When we load our bodies with toxic prepared foods and either skip meals, or do cardio only based exercise…we store belly fat and make our hormones work against us instead of for us.

Adding lean muscle tissue with specific movement patterns, and eating foods that give you ageless energy is the key. Menopause belly fat will be banished if you follow simple tips that you can access below.

If you want a sculpted body, and energy that makes you feel like you did when you were young…click the link below and discover the secret to ageless energy and a firm and toned body.



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