Lose Weight and Keep it off

Posted: April 12, 2022

It seems that every woman over 40, has attempted to lose weight. Sure, nearly all of them have succeeded, but not for long. We all know that if we kept the weight off…then we wouldn’t be searching again for a new plan. I’m going to help you lose weight and keep it off.

After 25+ years of coaching women only, I see the same mistakes over and over.

Too little protein, with not enough calories, and relying on the scale for starters is not a great idea.

The scale does not tell you if you have any muscle, or if you just ate a chicken breast or a sundae. The biggest factor with weight loss is optimizing your hormones so that your metabolism is not bogged down.

Our bodies need a clean slate so that all systems can work at optimal levels. Unfortunately, when we have liver’s clogged with toxins, our bodies will not work properly. When our liver is polluted from toxins in the air, and poor food that is loaded with chemicals and fake ingredients, our bodies will make us feel sick.

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If you’ve suffered from migraines, brain fog, bloating and bathroom issues, or even chronic pain, or diseases…your liver most likely needs a detox.

Furthermore, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must unblock your liver, so that every other system can begin to heal and work properly.

I start each day with a glass of warm water and the juice of one lemon to kickstart my digestion and give me a natural boost.

Next, I do at least 10 minutes of either stretching, yoga, HIIT, or some form of exercise that gets my blood flowing to my brain, and muscles.

Before my first meal, I take 2 capsules of JLAB Pro’s Ultra-Cleanse, to unblock what has been stored in my liver, and to naturally cleanse out toxins. I start the first 3 days of each week with this, and within days, my belly is flatter!

This is just a sample of several things I do each day, to assure that my body burns calories instead of storing them.

Weight loss is nearly impossible when your hormones are unbalanced, or the ability of your liver to do its job is blocked.

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Coach Dawn


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