Lose Weight Eating Carbs!

Posted: November 2, 2016

Lose weight eating carbs! What?

Seriously. Who doesn’t love carbs.

Eat more veggies” to lose fat, the media and experts say.

Wouldn’t you agree that this is MUCH harder than they say it is?

Here is an email from my friend Mike Whitfield. Although his methods are different than what I preach…he is REALLY onto something. Something that has worked for thousands. It’s actually how most people WISH they could eat to lose weight….the crazy thing IS, that people actually have!

Don’t eat veggies on the weekends. WHAT?

I mean c’mon… especially at the end of a stressful week, the last thing you want to do is cook some brussels sprouts.

Well there’s good news… if you actually AVOID vegetables on these days and instead, enjoy more carbs like bread, cereal and pasta, studies are showing you will lose fat faster. It is the exact method that I use…and I have not gained a pound while doing this..(in fact…a lot of people lost a LOT of weight using this method)

This new research is already shaking the health industry.

Click below to take advantage of this NEW and simple “loophole” that ONLY works when you eat MORE carbs and less veggies…

HOW TO EAT CARBS…AND SKIP VEGGIE DAYS WHILE YOU LOSE WEIGHT!Stack of pancakes with fresh blueberry and honey

Mikey “Pancakes” Whitfield…


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