Lose Weight While on Lockdown

Posted: April 24, 2020

Right now our lives are entirely different. The days are filled with foods that you have in the house, sitting, and are watching your shape change. I’m going to give you the tools you need to lose weight while on lockdown.

What if you could shift your body to burn fat for 36 hours after only doing 7 minutes of exercise?

You’d find the time for sure right?

Now what if you could do it at home? Perfect for the times!

Imagine never counting a calorie, eating fats, carbs, protein and even having some wine…and STILL losing 7 pounds in the first week?

I’m Dawn Sylvester the Creator of the 7 Minute Ageless Body Secret, and at over 55…I still ROCK a bikini.(see my picture in the link below!)

Want to get in on my secret? Click here to lose weight while on lockdown and reshape your trouble spots.

Lose 7 Pounds in the First Week and ReShape Your Body

What consistently burns more calories than an hour long run and burns calories while you are asleep?

Tip…it’s also the one thing that women lack as they age, and is one of the biggest reasons for age-related weight gain. It’s not just following some trendy diet. It’s about what your body doesn’t have on it anymore.

Not to mention, it’s a necessity to aging

…we need it to ward off obesity-related disease, and it’s a powerful tool to feel mentally happy! Want to lose weight on lockdown? Of course you do, but what you really want is to never FIND it again, right?

Instead of more energy and full of life, we are getting weaker, aging faster, and looking older than our years.

We usually blame it on hormones or our age… and, the thing is that it can be made even worse by trendy diets, and the wrong exercises.

Making those extra pounds land right on our most embarrassing trouble spots.

You know the dreaded term your mom used to use. “middle-aged spread” UGH!

So, what is it that wakes up a dead metabolic rate, gets you leaner, revives your skin, and sculpts your body back to firm and tight when you’re too tired to go to the gym?

CLICK HERE FOR THE >> “secret” that will change how you feel, move, and look… in less than 10 minutes per day.

I’ve coached thousands of women with this simple shift and technique, and your body will change too!

Coaching women to feel, move and look better than they have in years!

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