Low Thyroid and Menopause

Posted: January 30, 2018

Having low thyroid or “hypothyroidism” is hard enough to deal with. However, women going through Menopause that have either been diagnosed or not yet diagnosed…seem to struggle.

My mother was diagnosed when she was in her 30’s and took the only thing known back then. Synthroid. Unfortunately, even though she battled hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, weight gain and hair loss…her doctor would not change her medication. He just said “you’re older” and hormonal changes are normal.

When I was diagnosed after begging to be tested since I had so many symptoms that my mother had…my doctor told me that “I was on the fence”, meaning the low end of the thyroid blood tests for thyroid dysfunction and he refused to give me medication. I went to an integrative health care specialist that said she treated symptoms, NOT only blood work.

I felt better within a week, but then my symptoms got worse.

I didn’t know that this was common. New meds take time, and lifestyle changes needed to be implemented before I would feel and look better.

After a couple of years, I started doing my own research. I looked at science, medicine, lifestyle, nutrition, and followed top thyroid advocate,  Dr. Isabella Wentz, 

When I changed my diet, exercised LESS and used certain herbs, spices, and supplements…I noticed a ren ed energy, and weight loss. Less hair in the tub and I was more able to handle stress.

It’s hard to stay “unstressed” when your hair is falling out, the scale is going up, and you’re too tired to go to the gym. I know. That was me.

Now, I am happy to say that I am the “dr. Dawn” that friends call when they or a friend is not getting anywhere with their doctor, or they have common symptoms associated with thyroid disease.

Now, I am NOT a doctor…however, I have done so much legwork, have access to many medical journals and healers in my community, that I decided to create a helpful blueprint for women that feel they need help.

If you have symptoms of low thyroid. If your doctor brushes off your complaints and says they are either “normal hormonal changes” or due to aging…and you KNOW something just is not right…

You are the woman that I created The Thyroid Factor for.

A guide to how to find the best medical or integrative specialist. What tests you should be getting and what they mean. Options for medications. Foods that trigger and foods that help. Exercises to keep the weight off, even if you are tired. Recipes. Detoxifying smoothies, and belly-flattening foods…and more.

Arm yourself with how to get the best health care, whether you see an M.D, a D.O. or any type of integrative health specialist.

Your blueprint to feeling, looking and moving better than ever whether you have been diagnosed with a low thyroid or if you are struggling with hormones.

Coach Dawn



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