Posted: June 25, 2011

In little time, with the utmost in intensity, you can blast through a ton of calories, and burn fat for hours with this workout.  This can be done at the gym, or at home with free weights!

Warm up with 5 min moderate cardio of your choice…….moderate since you will need all of your energy for this workout!  I recommend that you do this workout 2 X weekly…..give yourself about 2-3 days of recuperation to let your muscles recover!

Do 10 reps of each exercise, all 5 in a row with no rest, then take a 5 minute break.

Barbell or free weight squats w/ 60 lbs

Step ups onto bench w/ bodyweight

Deadlifts w 60/lbs

Jump split squats (jumping up high, landing softly into split squat, and pushing off right into the next one)

Pulsing (1/3 down) barbell, or free weight squats w/45 lb bar or 2-20lb free weights

Rest 5 minutes, repeat 3 times

This circuit will tweak every muscle fiber in your body since you don’t stop moving til the end, and blast your metabolism into high gear!
This might be what you need to break a diet plateau, or kick start your old routine.

Give your body enough rest, and possibly do an upper body circuit 2 days later!

Rehydrate with a good protein, carb drink immediately following this circuit! Check out my previous posts for tips on pre, and post nutrients!!

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