Menopause and Belly Fat

Posted: April 5, 2013

Hello My Menopausal Sisters,

Being frustrated with belly fat during menopause is a bummer. I know. Even though I follow a pretty clean eating plan, and exercise regularly, I put on a few pounds in my mid-section during Menopause. It seemed that even though I had always watched what I ate, and strength trained, those pounds crept up on me anyways. That is exactly why you should get on the right program now. If you are over 30, your body is already in a state of muscular decline unless you are involved in a strength training program. Running, cycling and cardio are not enough. You need to make sure that your body works like an efficient machine. You need functional strength and cardio, a hormonal balance, and the proper nutrient dense diet now to prevent future illness and weight gain.

 I have gotten my body under control, and am using bio-identical hormone replacement as well as a few great supplements to keep my insides working for, instead of against me. I also have made sure that I am not eating any starchy carbs after 7:00. No need for that type of carb when I’m sleeping. I also am making sure that I am getting enough calories to go with my activity levels. I know that when you cut calories, your body will slow down it’s metabolism. So I am trying to put on a little more muscle to keep my metabolism humming like an efficient machine. Muscle burns more calories, remember? Dieting and skipping meals makes you store fat.

Belly or Visceral Fat is the most deadly. Women must fear heart disease and diabetes as they age and as their bodies start to age. Don’t let your age prevent you from engaging in activity. The more active you are, the more you can eat. The more muscle you have, and the more activities that you engage in related to strength will keep you from getting injured, and better yet, prevent you from being a statistic. Statistics are given to us regularly yet I see women living lives of such ill health, that they seem to be inviting illness. Smoking, dieting, eating sugary foods and lots of bad carbs will set you up for adding belly fat, and a host of diseases in the near future. We know now that we have the ability to outsmart our genes. Just because our parents had heart disease, does not mean that we too will have it. It means we should take measures to make sure we prevent this horrible life shortening illness. We can do it.

Start thinking of what the future will look like. Feeling miserable, gaining weight, being tired and crabby does not have to be! Talk to a wellness practitioner. I go to The Waller Wellness Center in Rochester Hills. Get on a plan to either never gain weight, or to lose the weight you have already gained before it becomes a major health concern. Don’t kid yourself. Visceral fat surrounds our organs. Our organs already work hard, they cannot work in a continuous state of overtime. Menopause is a “treatable” condition. You do have a lot of control over how you go through it. Start an exercise program to get stronger and gain some muscle. Eat a diet loaded with vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Consume healthy fats. Healthy fats are responsible for hormonal balance, metabolism and how our skin and hair feels.

All of these issues that most women think are “normal” need to be addressed. Take control of your health before it takes control of you.

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