Menopause Belly Fat Reduction

Posted: May 23, 2017

Nearly every woman over 40 has looked down at her belly and thought “where did this come from”. Belly fat is not like other bodyfat, and it is much harder to get rid of, the longer it has been there…up until now. Menopause belly fat is a mixture of hormones out of whack, toxins lurking inside of your body, and internal inflammation. Menopause belly fat reduction is the way to a happier, leaner and more energized life….check out the article below!

From the accumulation of subcutaneous fat (the fat under the skin) and the later development of deadly visceral fat (the fat that surrounds the organs) we are looking at a future of obesity related health issues. Women’s hormones are to blame for some of it, however the chemicals and invaders that get into our bodies daily are to blame.

It isn’t your fault that you were lead to believe that starvation diets and hours of cardio would get rid of this menopause belly fat….I believed the same. I literally exhausted my adrenals and got so tired and crabby, that I thought I’d never lose the excess flab again. Boy was I wrong!

When you look at the page and you click on the link…you will see that I am 57 and am wearing a bikini…and I eat more than ever, and exercise less. I have not only lost weight, I have lost that layer of flab around my belly and KEPT IT OFF! I promise you can too no matter what you have tried!

We are in a constant state of inflammation. From our internal organs to our skin, our bodies are aging rapidly due to the assault that gets into our bloodstream daily….and it’s what we are putting into our bodies.

Besides looking ugly….belly fat is a killer. It kills our happiness, our energy levels and makes us think that youth is behind us. Menopause belly reduction has to be in the forefront of your life….starting today. 

What if I gave you an easy blueprint to rid your body of chemicals, in a couple easy steps daily? What if I gave you the tools to get leaner, sexier, and possibly even live a longer and stronger life?

Would you be interested if it was inexpensive? Easy to follow? Something that has tips and tools that have actually been around since biblical times?! Of course you would have to be crazy to not take a peek.

CLICK THIS LINK AND SEE HOW THOUSANDS OF WOMEN (and some men) HAVE LOST BELLY FAT AND ARE ON THE PATH TO WELLNESS….with a few simple steps that you can start right now!


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