Menopause and Thyroid- Overcoming Hormones

Posted: January 15, 2018

Most women experience some sort of hormonal changes after the age of 40. From fatigue to weight gain, depression, and brain fog, these are a few of the common symptoms.  Overcoming Women’s hormones can seem like an uphill battle.

From children to jobs, cooking to preparing the next day…a woman’s job seems to never end. Women are much more likely to suffer than men,  from depression, and thyroid issues right around this time. In Dr. Peter Osbournes YouTube Video, he speaks of how nutrition has a great impact on thyroid and hormonal health.

From the time a woman is ready to bear children,…many of them feel as if they are slaves to their hormones. Sure, maybe your mother had debilitating issues, and her doctor told her “it’s all part of aging,” but we know differently now.

We know that chemicals and additives, preservatives and antibiotics in our foods can wreak havoc.

Unfortunately, integrative medicine is still new to many, and most of us get our information from old-school practitioners that know nothing about how foods and lifestyle, affect daily life.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis before I went through menopause. When I hit menopause, my hormones went out of whack again. Thankfully, I was very well informed with years of research behind me.

I knew what questions to ask. What medications to stay away from. And, what exercises would not tax my system and make me worse.  In my early 30’s I made every common mistake that I see women making. The same ones that left me with adrenal issues, starving for energy, and flabby.

Thankfully, I changed my life, and my mothers, along with thousands of women that felt like I did.

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