Menopause Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Plan

Posted: January 1, 2017

If you are a woman over 45, then chances are, you are experiencing pre-Menopause symptoms. Weight gain, foggy brain, irritability, and belly bloating all go with the aging process. Or do they? I am 55+ years vital. I don’t use the word “old’ since I don’t EVER feel old. I coach women into lifestyles of stellar energy and fit bodies. Not faddish diets. Not hours of exercise. But a Menopause Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Plan that creates results.

If you are tired of trying fad diets, and don’t have time for hours of exercise. That is actually a good thing. Why? Because fad diets are temporary and too much exercise is actually going to accelerate the aging process.

Age is not the reason you are gaining weight. However, hormones and eating habits in addition to a sedentary lifestyle are the culprit for that flab that just seems to sit around your middle.

Inflammation, hormones, and poor nutrition are what pack on the pounds. Then add in that your muscles started to deteriorate after 30, and you have a sluggish metabolic rate that needs a Menopause Weight Loss and Body Sculpting Plan.

I am here to help!

I have coached thousands of women into bodies that look and feel so great, that a woman from Georgia that I have never met, sends me emails that I should put a billboard up in Time Square since my plan has changed her life. She sent me ┬ámessages that said > “#dawnsprogramworks #runningintoexpriceless #bikiniat54forfirsttime these are just a few from Lisa. She also sent pictures of her at 156 lbs and 3 months later in a bikini (with new blond hair) at 136 pounds!

No crazy calorie cutting. Actually eating superfoods with superpowers and benefits for women.

No hours or cardio, actually zero cardio! AND, workouts that can be done in 7 minutes at home!

If you have no time to exercise and want to eat REAL foods for anti-aging that will sculpt that flab right off of your body..then click the link below and take a peek at what thousands of women are finding is



Sharing ways for us to achieve optimal health and wellness in a lean and sexy body at ANY age!

Coach Dawn

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