Posted: October 30, 2011

I am excited about tomorrow. I am excited because I know that tomorrow’s workout will be a good one. I know because I have had a 3 day break from my last workout, will get 9 hours of sleep tonight, and will wake up and have a big breakfast so that I have the energy to make it happen. I put some powerful music on my i-pod, and I am preparing in my head what type of training session I will have. If you have kept up to date on my blog’s, you know me by now, I like a plan, and I stick to them.
What do you have planned for tomorrow? Something energetic, and healthy? Something that will make you feel good about yourself, and alive? Make your choices matter. If you worked out hard today, then make tomorrow be about relaxing, and rejuvenating. If you ate a bit too much, and feel like your choices were not healthy, then don’t waste time beating yourself up, just do something that makes you feel in charge! Go to the gym, get on your bike, or go for a run, whatever it is, choose to do something positive for your body…..because this is the only one you will ever have. Treat it right, and it will be good to you, for many years to come.

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