Metabolic Breakthrough Blasts Fat

Posted: November 26, 2019

Hormones dictate way too many things as we age. From brain fog to sleepless nights and bad moods right? I’ve created a metabolic breakthrough that blasts fat fast!

I used to do hours of cardio and eat diet foods. Only to gain weight and get flabbier. I was doing what all of my friends did. It nearly ruined my metabolic and adrenal system.

Ladies, I have to give it to you straight. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE YOUR BODY UNTIL YOU PUT ON MUSCLE.

In order to put on muscle, you have to eat more, and lift some weights. If you continue to eat rabbit food and only do cardio…you’ll get older looking and flabbier.


If you keep cutting calories and running your ass off, you will also cause your hormonal levels to block any chance of success!

Age-related muscle loss is the cause of flab.

Sarcopenia is the term for age-related muscle loss. This means your body is weaker. Your posture is frail and you look aged.

Don’t you want to get on the path to youth and defy aging? Then stop what doesn’t work, and start working out with my 20 minute follow along videos.

My metabolic breakthrough blasts fat no matter how long it’s been there! I created this program so that you can shift your body from a fat storing body to a fat burning machine!

Today is the day to look in the mirror and say “I am DONE with this excess flab.” I am ready to take 20 minutes daily to reshape my body and feel great about how I look!

Monday is never going to get here! Today is the day for you to get access to my video workouts that blasts fat away for good!

Sharing ways for us to live long and strong as women in bodies we love!
Coach Dawn

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