Metabolic Breakthrough Rebalances Hormones

Posted: January 21, 2018

Hey girlfriends, (guys you can also read this) You have no idea what we have done to ourselves for years with the hopes of having tight and energized bodies and lean curves! We have made mistakes (I used to) and we keep on doing what does NOT work. You don’t need hours of exercise. You don’t need to starve. Read on to discover how my Metabolic Breakthrough Rebalances Hormones.

It’s crazy when I see what people do with the hope of losing weight. I used to do cardio six days a week, and barely ate…and I kept gaining weight! I was miserable, embarrassed, and confused! Sound familiar?

Girls, the fact is that we have been lead to believe the wrong methods to get our bodies into shape! In fact, most messages in the media are exactly why we are so tired, hormonal AND can’t keep the pounds off. We are in hormonal turmoil once we hit 35 and it only gets harder right?


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Seriously girls, between you and I. Are you a little embarrassed by how much you have let yourself go, but always have good intentions? (that inner voice that says “someday I’ll get back into shape?)

No one should ever have to feel that a fit body is a hopeless dream. Being overweight makes us miserable and sets us up for a future of illness and pain.

Women’s Health, Oxygen Magazine, Shape, and The Wall Street Journal have published articles proving that the weight loss methods from the past are aging us, AND making us store fat!

Learn why most trendy plans keep your hormones in “fat storage mode.” Discover the metabolic breakthrough that promote fat loss, and alter your hormones so that you burn fat instead of store it!


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Sharing ways for us to love our bodies at any age, without strict diets or hours of cardio,

Coach Dawn

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