Posted: August 29, 2011

WOW!! You wanna kick some serious butt, in a small amount of time? Of course you do! No-one wants to spend hours in the gym right? Well, at least not when the weather outside is awesome. Picked up this style of workout from my favorite magazine, Oxygen. I tweaked the workout to fit my day, and today was a leg day…, grab a good pre-workout drink, and some good tunes, and try this one out. I guarantee you will be spent….. fat burned, heart pumped, calories torched……legs burnin!

I used 10 lb weights (still healing the grip thing) but none the less, 10lbs was plenty for this type of workout!

Stationary lunge forward, alternating each leg.
Jump squat. (landing w soft knees)
You will repeat this sequence, each time adding another jump, til you get to 10 jumps.

Looks like this.
Lunge left, lunge right, squat jump once.
Lunge left, lunge right, squat jump twice   (keep knees soft)
Lunge left, lunge right, squat jump 3 X…….
Repeat til you get to 10 jumps.

Rest 3 minutes.
Next set is as follows. Use 12 lb. weights

Holding 12 lb weights,squat down to burpee position, jump out to plank putting weights on floor, (burpee), while in plank, pull up weights (renegade rows) right, then left, then jump back up to squat, then standing position.

Repeat this sequence for 10.
Next set, just like first exercise, with no weights, bodyweight will be plenty!

Repeat first set of lunge, jump squats, using no weights. Still ending up with 10 jumps.

Finish with a good cool down, and a great carb/protein shake to replenish your body for your next workout!
This workout takes about 30 minutes. You can get workouts like this, and more from Oxygen Magazine and Fitness RX for Women.

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