Posted: September 15, 2011

Repeat after me…..”Bigger muscles, burn more calories”. Period. Fat…….well, fat just sits there looking ugly. And girls, once again, dieting….SLOWS down your metabolism. As a matter of fact, when you lose weight (notice I said weight, not fat) you slow down your metabolism so much, that you should even eat less calories to go with your now SLOWER metabolism. And guess what that does, sets you up for cupboard raids at night, and fantasizing about food! Most people will lose weight, if they start a diet plan that omits certain food groups, or cuts down calories. THAT WEIGHT LOSS IS WATER, AND MUSCLE, AND MAYBE IF YOU ARE LUCKY, A TINY BIT OF FAT!  Once again, since muscle burns calories, even while you are sleeping, you actually have to eat more to keep your muscles fed.
Do you realize that bodybuilders have to consume up to 6000 calories plus, just so that they do NOT lose their hard earned muscle. They live in fear of getting smaller. Can you even imagine?

I have been training a woman of 52 years old for 2 years. There are a few minor things she has changed in her diet, and she has not lost much weight, but she is down 2 sizes, and keeps getting asked…”did you have liposuction, or a tummy tuck”?  The reason……STRENGTH TRAINING! She has gotten stronger, leaner, more shapely, and keeps “high fiving” me since she can now wear “skinny jeans”!

Get into the gym. Start a weight training program. You don’t have to spend hours daily, but short amounts of time doing the right moves. Change a few things in your diet, that you can live without…….cream in your coffee?, Butter on bread……eating only 2 times daily….these are easy things to change. YOU are in charge of your metabolism. Stop blaming genes, you can outsmart them, because you have the will to get out of your old, bad habits. You can gain strength, and energy no matter what your starting point is. When every single study to date PROVES that 80% of dieters will gain back the weight they lost, plus more, why would you TRY to do this. Stop the madness. Start building your muscles for the future. You NEED strength as you age. You NEED energy. And guess what…..I love to eat, so I eat often, and I eat food that tastes amazing, and I stay lean, and energized!! You can do the same!

Hire a trainer, or join a gym that will cater to you. Someone that has knowledge of the most cutting edge techniques on how to blast fat, get strong, and turn your body into an efficient machine.

Go to        Look at the videos of the summer boot camp. They are fun, empowering, and even you could do them!

Yes it takes effort.  Yes you have it in you. Yes you want it that bad.

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